Resources for revising Crime and Punishment

Just reading back over my last blog post. “Less busy”, haha.

Anyway, I have a couple of helpful things to share. The first is a set of Crime and Punishment flashcards I made for my Y11s. These are modelled on the American West ones I made a couple of years ago and are pitched at the Edexcel B specification. They are wildly popular; a couple of my girls asked me if I would create some for the Protests unit too. Unfortunately the clock might have run down for that one.

This is an Excel file and the definitions are back to front, so that when you print them double sided they match up with the correct term.

Crime Revision Flashcards

Secondly, a set of starter/revision/homework sheets. Before half term I saw Matt (@26mxw) tweeting about a 5-a-day starter sheet he read about in this blog post. I very much appreciated the uniformity of this approach and thought it might be a good way to help my Y10s to prepare for their mock. I had a bit of free time in the following school day so I set about creating a few for the following term.

I must confess that I was not thinking of these as quick 5-10 minute starter tasks; this was more about tackling the particular issues I have found Y10 struggling with, to wit:

  • Differentiating among the strands of the topic, eg the difference between law enforcement and punishment (I knew I should have gone back to teaching it thematically)
  • Treating sources as evidence
  • That tricky “how useful?” source Q3
  • Correctly ordering the chronology, particularly in the 50-1350 section

In addition, since I see my Y10s for a double every week and a single every other week, I created these with that double lesson in mind. It will make a good starter that we can revisit twice later in the lesson: once to complete, once to mark. Then I can collect and mark the bits they can’t. If I’ve got a particularly packed lesson planned, I can set as a homework.

The first three are pegged quite closely to last summer’s Crime paper, since that will be their mock. I haven’t tried it yet, so if you try it and like it, please let me know; likewise if you try it and have suggestions for improvements.

5-a-day starter 6-6

5-a-day starter 13-6

5-a-day starter 20-6

5-a-day starter 27-6

5-a-day starter 4-7

Matt has been working on something a lot snappier for Medicine so please tweet him if you’d like to see what he’s been doing.

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