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ResearchEd 5: Becky Francis

Becky is talking about gender gaps and closing them: what doesn’t work and what might. The current picture: the media reports that girls stretched the gap even further. The language, though, presents it as a competition, and a crisis. Becky … Continue reading

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ResearchEd 4: Tom Sherrington

Tom is talking about his school’s model. Every teacher is engaged with some sort of research – not in, but with. They have “A researched-engaged learning community” on their school sign. Some people are more engaged than others; half funding … Continue reading


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ResearchEd 3: Laura McInerney

What problem in education would you pay £1,000,000 to solve? Laura talks about the Millennium Prize problems, and their predecessor, when the key 23 problems in maths were identified, the solving of which would have a huge impact. Hilbert thus … Continue reading

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ResearchEd 2: Kevin Stannard

Kevin is talking about the problems of educational research. He identifies, at the start, a lack of cumulative research and a lack of practical concerns. There is a poverty of educational theory. We lack an educational paradigm. Recent successful initiatives … Continue reading

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ResearchEd: Opening session

The primacy of the classroom. Good, modest teachers are the only thing essential for a good school. Teachers ambitious for their pupils, who still listen and learn. All mentioned in the opening speech from the principal of Dulwich College. Then, … Continue reading

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ResearchEd 1: Carol Davenport

Carole’s session is a cut down version of what she does at the National Science Learning Centre with teachers preparing to do action research. It’s packed out! Action research isn’t a randomised control trial – it’s one person doing something … Continue reading

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What happened at Peterloo…

Earlier this year, I was preparing to help my Y11s study the Peterloo incident for their January module. Since it was a source-based paper they were sitting, I spent quite a long time online in an effort to provide them … Continue reading

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