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Reflection: Studying as an Adult

This Friday saw the culmination of two years’ worth of Friday afterschool lessons, as I sat the Geology GCSE exam with another member of staff, Jonty, and about 20 year 10 students. The course was run by Tom, the Head … Continue reading

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Classroom Kindles: part 5

I finally got round to using these for the purpose I intended today: as a vehicle for giving worksheets to KS3. Year 9 are completing an assessment entitled, “Who was responsible for the death of JFK?” and they have been … Continue reading

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GCSE Success Criteria – Wallwisher (now GoogleDoc)

In January I wrote about putting succes criteria together for my year 10 class, as I taught them the Crime & Punishment unit. I have created a Wallwisher which I am editing to include all the criteria I have used … Continue reading

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My Favourite Homework

(Another draft I found that was waiting for pictures…) I have started setting my year 8 classes the same homework every Christmas holiday. The task is to talk to their oldest surviving relatives to find out what they remember about … Continue reading

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Classroom Kindles: part 4

(With apologies to my year 11s – here is a post I wrote with them in March and never finished!) Today I used my History lesson with year 11 to put the revision guide onto the Kindles and begin working … Continue reading

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Classroom Kindles: part 3

Over the holidays I used my own Kindle to help me with the year 13 coursework drafts that have been steadily dribbling in. I converted them to PDF and emailed them to my Kindle over my home WiFi, so I … Continue reading

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