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TMWilts: Clarendon Academy

Raffle, buffet and bags of sweets distributed by students! Just what is needed at the end of term, Darren Lawrence is doing 40 ideas in 3 minutes. Not sure if even my typing is quick enough for that! They’re all … Continue reading

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TLT13: David Doherty

David wonders, who is the Evil Knieval in your school? Who metaphorically jumps buses? David thinks it MIT be us, because we’re here today. Groups in your staff room. The ungrateful dead – they’ve retired, but they just haven’t told … Continue reading


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TLT13: Summer Turner

Summer is talking about reading and how it can influence whole school literacy. Summer is a head of English at a school in East London and has been working on strategies to develop a whole school reading culture. We introduce … Continue reading

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Tlt13: Chris Chivers

Chris is talking about differentiation or, match challenge and expectation. It’s also, naturally, about personalisation. Good differentiation requires analysing to start with: know your children, get your room together so it does its job too, bring together your resources and … Continue reading

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Tlt13: John Tomsett

John is talking about the importance of a growth mindset. We learn over time that there’s no output without input: you only get out what you put in. As Edison said, there is no substitute for hard work. John wanted … Continue reading

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Tlt13: Kevin Bartle

Kevin works at Canons High School in Edgware. His session is called the Trojan Mouse story. He begins with the Gruffalo as an allegory. The mouse is the teacher, strolling through a big dark wood, which is their work. They’re … Continue reading

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TLT13: Jamie Portman

Jamie Portman is kicking off TLT13 at Southampton University with the question, “Why are we here?” It’s impressive to see so many people here so close to the end of term and exciting to catch up with many old friends. … Continue reading

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ICTWilts: Oscar Stringer

Oscar is an Apple Distinguished Educator, speaking about exploring how the iPad can really help students learn and teachers teach. He helps teachers to get the most from their investment. Consider also, the paperless classroom. Poetry and book reviews without … Continue reading

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ICTWilts: engaging children with learning difficulties using iPads

Andrew and Alison from Exeter House Special School. Six students were identified in the first instance that were disengaged with school. Alison was inspired by a talk she attended by Barry Carpenter about the changes in school populations, especially in … Continue reading

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ICTWilts: iPadagogy

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Nicky Newbury teaches at one of our feeder primary schools and I have been down to see how she runs her digital leaders program. One of her DLs is in year 3 which … Continue reading

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