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More work with GoogleMaps

I managed to get a block of two lessons in the ICT rooms with two of my year 8 classes before half term, which enabled me to do further work with GoogleMaps. I set up a blank map and asked … Continue reading

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Classroom Kindles: part 2

In the first instance I’m using the Kindles with my year 11 class. My year 11s being generally trustworthy, and also extremely flattered to be given the chance to try the Kindles first, I gave them two hours to play … Continue reading

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Don’t ask me for a pen

In my first year as a teacher, a colleague from another school told me she’d been to an inset where the presenter had suggested we help kids too much. He suggested we don’t hand their books out for them, as … Continue reading

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Should we allow children to fail?

I saw this question flash across my screen briefly from Twitter yesterday, but lacked the time to follow the responses. I’ve been watching the growing #purpos/ed debate with acute interest, but unsure of what voice I had to add. Until … Continue reading

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