#SHP16: My workshop

This year at SHP my workshop was titled Stickability and it was all about classroom practice that helps to embed knowledge across the two year GCSE course. I’ve been dipping into Make It Stick all year and most of what I shared was focused on interleaving and spaced practice. As I write my new schemes of work for GCSE I am going to embed a few things right from the very beginning: a benefit of having to rework an entire qualification is the opportunity to do this.

My focus for next year is going to be on core knowledge tests, 5-a-day sheets and flashcards for the units we’re teaching. Meanwhile, I’ll be rewriting the KS3 programme of study for my new school to reflect the change in GCSE units, and creating the generic core knowledge competition that I have been thinking about for the latter half of this year.

Here are my slides from the workshop, as a pdf – sorry, no PowerPoint this time but if you want my Smartnotes slides, please email me.

SHP16 Sally Thorne slides

Most of the handouts are available on this blog somewhere – American West/Crime and Punishment flashcards, Three Truths and a Lie, all my Crime and Punishment 5-a-day sheets. I’m afraid if I wait to add links to these, this post will languish unpublished for months, so please do a search but get in touch if you want something and can’t find it.

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1 Response to #SHP16: My workshop

  1. davestacey says:

    Thanks for the workshop Sally – it was a goldmine of practical ideas I can turn to when I’m back in the classroom in Sept. 🙂

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