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Retrieval Practice for Year 13

Following on from my last post, I wanted to share what I have been doing with Year 13 to help them with the knowledge recall for the A-Level. I currently teach the uber-popular AQA 1C Tudors unit and I’m attaching … Continue reading

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Retrieval Practice in History

Storm days are the new snow days. It’s been three years since most of us prepared a full cohort of students for a full suite of public exams, so I’ve been revisiting my old lessons and revision planners. Here are … Continue reading

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It’s been another one of those funny old years. There’s much to reflect on, in terms of pedagogy; this time last year, it had just been announced that we were going online for teaching, a situation that lasted until March. … Continue reading

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Handy History Teaching Tips Podcast

Another school year is coming to a close. It’s been unique; every year is unique but this one has been significantly different. I’m not reflecting on it much yet because, if I’m honest, I don’t know how helpful it will … Continue reading

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‘Historian of the Month’ display

A few years ago, I collaborated with some other teachers rounded up via Twitter to produce display materials for a ‘Historian of the Month’ display. Between us, we put together profiles of eleven different historians that could be used as … Continue reading


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A decade in the life

There’s been a lot of navel-gazing across social media platforms, as we all weigh up the past decade and consider our achievements. The beginning of a new decade has slightly crept on me. I’m sure there must be some people … Continue reading

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KS3 Research Project

Following up on my post about replanning KS3, somebody asked on Twitter about how we do our research project at KS3, so I thought I would put it all here. I’ve been doing this in some form for years, but … Continue reading

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Some notes on KS3 planning

We’re overhauling KS3 as a school for next year – getting rid of using GCSE grades prior to GCSE level, deep joy! This has provided an opportunity to think again about what we teach at KS3 and how we assess … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Visit Alabama

Over the Easter holidays I was fortunate enough to be included on a familiarisation trip to Alabama with MSG Tours, who are launching a new tour for schools there. Four History educators and one tour manager toured the sites to … Continue reading

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TMHistoryIcons: Illuminating the Whole Picture

I was really pleased to be invited to speak at #TMHistoryIcons in Sheffield last weekend. I found the whole day hugely inspiring and it was great to be able to meet so many people that I’ve interacted with on Twitter … Continue reading

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