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WLFS History conference: Tamizian

Narrative construction. Vartan begins with two questions: What makes a good narrative? What was the last narrative you read and enjoyed? Definition. A story? Yes, but chronologically ordered and limited by evidence. An underrated skill – Lang, 2003. A form … Continue reading


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WLFS History Conference: Walsh

Prosopographical! This is the term of the session for me. Definitely need to go and do some reading Sources and interps for ordinary pupils in ordinary classrooms.  Ben begins by talking about his experience of students as an examiner. Some … Continue reading

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WLFS History Conference: Carroll

Jim Carroll on, how can we get students writing more like historians?  History is an argumentative discipline.  Scrap “I think/believe” – don’t encourage then that beliefs are important, because it’s about evidence, not belief.  Make the cause the subject of … Continue reading

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WLFS History Conference: Counsell

The odds are stacked against the poor. They have little chance of climbing into the corridors of power. And the odds are also stacked against peace. In many countries, history is about knowing a particular story and being able to … Continue reading

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