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Behaviour Management Musings

I responded to a tweet from @GuardianTeach about managing classroom behaviour today. I got a lot of retweets and several disagree-ers, most of whom seemed to read my tweet and make enormous generalisations about my other views on behaviour at … Continue reading

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#TLAB13 – Quick Wins

Year 8 preparing for their assessment on the British Empire, based on Neal Watkin’s plan for improving standards in writing. Two of my students bravely filmed their conversation in The Cupboard Of Secret Learning and agreed to be watched by … Continue reading

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Third Keynote: Bill Rankin

Bill Rankin on sustainable learning in the post-PC world. He starts with a short history of indoor lighting. He asks: which light is best? Depends on what you’re trying to achieve – mood? Quality? Durability? Pervasiveness? Sustainability. “If you want … Continue reading

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Workshop three: David Rogers

Inspirational Geography David starts with a starter idea: show the image on Bing and get students to predict what jobs are to do with that image. “With Google you can pretend to be educated.” “If we didn’t think we could … Continue reading

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Second Keynote: Bill Lucas

Expansive Education: what is is, why it really matters and what we might like to do about it. @eed_net We begin with some puzzles to warm up, showing how context is important and it’s important to hold back and consider … Continue reading

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TLAB13 second workshop: Neal Watkin

Neal begins by talking about the classroom rules for quality writing: practice makes perfect. Make it meaningful. We then have a mystery: who is Noor Inayat Khan and why is she significant? How certain are we? Neal gives us some … Continue reading

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TLAB13 first workshop: John Mitchell

A History session, John is talking about signposting progress and promises we will all have something we can slot into our lessons straight away. There is certainly a good booklet of stuff to take away. Make you lessons ring: Relevant, … Continue reading

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TLAB13 Keynote 1: Alistair Smith

50,000 chunks: how we become experts and what it means for us. Great teachers interleave different strategies. Alistair implores us to reclaim language from Ofsted: make teaching pupil-centred again. We look at the numbers of hours needed to become experts … Continue reading

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I’m at the Teaching, Learning and Assessment conference in Berkhamsted today, organised by Dr Nick Dennis. Like SHP last summer, I will be attempting to liveblog each of the three keynotes and three lectures I attend.

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