American West revision: Three Truths and a Lie

I created these quizzes to use with my Y11s last year and have just got round to writing the answer sheets to go with them.

Each question has 4 facts, one of which is, in some way or another, not true. I print out the sheet and work through the quiz with the class – we use the Smartboard clickers for this so I have a question per slide for them. Then, at the end, we go through the answers; students highlight the incorrect response and write the connection. Sheets are then stuck into books for revision.

This is essentially a cunning way of telling the students forty different facts in a quiz-type setting. It works very well with my classes; this may be because of the added excitement of using the clickers for the quiz, though.

I attach my quizzes below. There are three: each one has the student sheet, the answer sheet and a PowerPoint version of my slides. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I am not a lover of PowerPoint and never use it: these are Smartnotes files converted into .ppts, so the formatting may well be dodgy, but at least it’s a starting point.

A final word of warning – an occasional untrue statement among these is personal to my class or my school, so it won’t make sense out of context and you’ll need to tweak it for your school.

Three Truths and a Lie 1

Three Truths and a Lie 1 – answers

Three Truths 1 (ppt)

Three Truths and a Lie 2

Three Truths and a Lie 2 – answers

Three Truths 2 (ppt)

Three Truths and a Lie 3

Three Truths and a Lie 3 – answers

Three Truths 3 (ppt)



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