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Christmas History Lessons: William the Conqueror

I’m following Richard Kennett’s quest to ensure there is no let up to the beautiful acquisition of history knowledge, in spite of the festive season being upon us. As last year, Y12 have done their Fascist Christmas Dopolavoro program (this … Continue reading

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Adventures in Assessment #1

I have developed a pathological hatred of timelines. My old colleague, an extremely bright and gifted historian who has since left teaching to pursue a slightly mysterious career path, loved a timeline. Our schemes of work are littered with them, … Continue reading

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More Potatoes: following up on “Tough Reading”

(What is it in my brain that makes me always spell tough with a t at the end when I’m typing it?) I have finished the potato lessons. I am a bit sick of potatoes now, if I’m honest. However, … Continue reading

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Less Teacher Talk

Last year, for my self-directed appraisal target, I picked to focus on talking less in class. I have a good teacher voice and I like to wax lyrical; sometimes I rely on this too heavily, particularly when I am tired. … Continue reading

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The History Department at Open Evening

We’ve had some very successful History open evening activities in the past, my favourite being a version of Call My Bluff where students challenged visitors to guess what various artefacts were and what they were used for. I still have … Continue reading

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The Development of British Democracy

We decided, a few years back, to have a go at teaching this to year 9. We like to have a couple of chronological units in each year, but year 9 was lacking and I think we’d all got a … Continue reading

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Christmas History Lesson: World War One

Because we’re the only history department in the country (probably) who doesn’t teach WW1 at the start of year 9, it meant that this December we were coming to the end of our WW1 study and therefore I was unable … Continue reading

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Christmas History Lesson: Mussolini

Inspired by Richard Kennett, I’ve been concentrating on quality History Christmas lessons this week. I teach AQA’s “Mussolini’s Italy: A New Roman Empire?” in Y12. We’ve had a cut to teaching time at A-level this year so my share has … Continue reading

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What happened at Peterloo…

Earlier this year, I was preparing to help my Y11s study the Peterloo incident for their January module. Since it was a source-based paper they were sitting, I spent quite a long time online in an effort to provide them … Continue reading

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Adventures in TEEP: QR Codes

As a school, we’ve been TEEPed. We had two training days on it before Easter with another coming up in September, and the school is a’buzz with new teaching and learning ideas. It feels like a new school year! I … Continue reading

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