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KS3 Research Project

Following up on my post about replanning KS3, somebody asked on Twitter about how we do our research project at KS3, so I thought I would put it all here. I’ve been doing this in some form for years, but … Continue reading

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Adventures in Assessments: Life After Levels

During the holiday, I came across Alex Ford’s advice to a new HoD whose school is introducing GCSE criteria to grade KS3 students. I think I have mentioned before that I am also in that boat; it was comforting to see … Continue reading

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Development Study: The British Diet Through Time

I’ve written in brief about the development study we’ve taught in year 8 this year, here and here, where I explain my efforts to get students reading difficult sources. Having explained the annotated timeline assessment as part of the HA … Continue reading


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Christmas History Lesson: World War One

Because we’re the only history department in the country (probably) who doesn’t teach WW1 at the start of year 9, it meant that this December we were coming to the end of our WW1 study and therefore I was unable … Continue reading

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Using Google Maps with a class

When I posted the link to the Google Map I made of the homesteaders’ journey west on Twitter, a few History teachers tweeted back something along the lines of, “Great – did the students collaborate?” to which the answer, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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This week’s wins #5

1. Wider reading with Y10 I mentioned in wins #4 that I was intending to use extracts from the Prairie Traveler with my year 10s; this happened over a week ago now, turned out to be very successful. I was … Continue reading

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This week’s wins #4

Week 4. Traditionally a week thin on the ground with wins. The kids are starting to tire and it’s dark when I get up. Added to this, the week was bookended by miserable weather which led to the annual sponsored … Continue reading

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This week’s wins #3

1. Creativity Learning Community Post-Ofsted, we are all part of different learning communities. I picked one on creativity. People think I’m already creative, but they don’t know about all those lessons involving a worksheet, a text book and 15 minutes … Continue reading

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This week’s wins #2

1. TG Blog They were a bit slow to contribute to start with, but in the end we actually ran out of time as so many of them wanted to say something. I think it will be really nice for … Continue reading

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This week’s wins #1

1. Y8 non-writing lesson: school tour We start year 8 with a chronological unit that examines art over time; a key skill with this is drawing inferences. So, we tour the school site, which has buildings ranging in age from … Continue reading

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