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The Knowledge

I’m coming clean now and admitting I thought the knowledge vs skills thing a false dichotomy (and an enormous distraction, but that’s for another time). This is a conclusion I came to after spending a great deal of time mystified as … Continue reading

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#youreallyshouldteach…Vlad the Impaler

Ben Newmark and Mike Stuchbery over on Twitter have been hoping to highlight some obscure bits of history that are worth teaching. I’m going to bang my Vlad the Impaler drum again. In my final year at university I took … Continue reading

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Resources for revising Crime and Punishment

Just reading back over my last blog post. “Less busy”, haha. Anyway, I have a couple of helpful things to share. The first is a set of Crime and Punishment flashcards I made for my Y11s. These are modelled on … Continue reading

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Development Study: The British Diet Through Time

I’ve written in brief about the development study we’ve taught in year 8 this year, here and here, where I explain my efforts to get students reading difficult sources. Having explained the annotated timeline assessment as part of the HA … Continue reading

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Threshold Concepts in History, part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about progress in history and assessing it this year. There are lots of reasons for this. Firstly the demise of NC levels requires it, as we’re having to build a new model to assess progress at … Continue reading

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History revision for parents

Last night I invited the parents of our year 11 cohort to a workshop to give them some tips for helping their children revise for GCSE History. A couple of weeks ago I sent home a set of American West … Continue reading

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What I’m Teaching This Week

I read some blogs recently under the 28 days of blogging hashtag and it struck me that I quite often think a lot about blog posts, mentally compiling them during my commute, but very rarely put anything down. Now, I’m … Continue reading

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