SHP: SOLO Taxonomy Workshop

Lesley Ann McDermott (@LA_Mcdermott) and I ran a workshop this year on SOLO taxonomy. I’m sharing here our PowerPoint and the related resources which we shared at the session.

I sometimes worry that things won’t make a great deal of sense to people viewing the materials without attending the workshop, so please get in touch if there’s anything that needs explaining, or if there is a resource you’d like that isn’t here. This is the version of the PowerPoint that we used for the second session so it might look a little different – again, please get in touch if there’s anything missing.

Hopefully I will come back and do a write up of my thoughts on the session but these things have a habit of being put off so I won’t make a promise!

SHP SOLO Final 2013

Here is Pam Hook’s hexagon generator. My blank revision hexagons. Lesley Ann’s Prohibition hexagons and Highway Robbery hexagons. My American West Revision Hexagons.

Medicine Through Time Medical Megastars connections map. This is a Publisher file which WordPress doesn’t like, so I have uploaded it as a PDF – please get in touch if you would like an editable version.

My attempt at a History-focused SOLO unit planning sheet, along with my first attempt at using it. I have bronze/silver/gold success criteria on my lesson slides so the sheet is coloured accordingly. I should probably replace the word “Groups” with “Lessons” on pages 2 and 3 because this seemed to be confusing for some; I didn’t want to use Lessons to begin with because sometimes there is more than a lesson’s worth of stuff in each row.

(More resources to follow)

I had a great time working with Lesley Ann on this, even though we live at opposite ends of the country, and I like that we both approached the workshop with something different in mind. Thanks for the positive feedback from everybody over the weekend. It is really good to know that some of this stuff is going into classrooms this week, because my favourite workshops are always the ones that I can use right away! – the #quickwins as I like to call them.

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3 Responses to SHP: SOLO Taxonomy Workshop

  1. Robert Tracey. says:

    Hi. I found this article very interesting. Does your DT dept. Use SOLO?

  2. Nickie says:

    I love this – however I haven’t seen a lesson in practice and Im nervous about what to do – what do you say to the kids etc. Any ideas?

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