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Retrieval Practice for Year 13

Following on from my last post, I wanted to share what I have been doing with Year 13 to help them with the knowledge recall for the A-Level. I currently teach the uber-popular AQA 1C Tudors unit and I’m attaching … Continue reading

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Christmas History Lesson: Mussolini

Inspired by Richard Kennett, I’ve been concentrating on quality History Christmas lessons this week. I teach AQA’s “Mussolini’s Italy: A New Roman Empire?” in Y12. We’ve had a cut to teaching time at A-level this year so my share has … Continue reading


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This week’s wins #3

1. Creativity Learning Community Post-Ofsted, we are all part of different learning communities. I picked one on creativity. People think I’m already creative, but they don’t know about all those lessons involving a worksheet, a text book and 15 minutes … Continue reading

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