#TLT16: Opening Keynote

John Tomsett begins by recommending Better by Atul Gawande:


…memories of teachers taking something and applying it without thought, out of desperation for a quick fix. There isn’t a quick fix.

Dylan Wiliam clip: “Sharing good practice” is a bad idea. It is a fundamental distraction because teachers are like magpies. “I used to do that: it was good!” – so why did you stop? Focus on consolidating and embedding.

Metacognition: thinking about your learning; we need to model these mental processes involved in learning which we take for granted. Illuminate students’ minds with how you produce work or learn something. John shares his work writing an A-level answer on a visualiser (I have done this: it was good!) – to begin with he just wrote down what he was thinking when he saw the questions. John had successfully modelled how to apply what he had learned.


Rob Coe reminds us that you have to see strategies through and evaluate how they work. Plan something and use it before Christmas.


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