TLT13: David Doherty

David wonders, who is the Evil Knieval in your school? Who metaphorically jumps buses? David thinks it MIT be us, because we’re here today.


Groups in your staff room. The ungrateful dead – they’ve retired, but they just haven’t told anyone yet. The sleeping bears – they’re good at it but they don’t share and engage with other people. How do we take what we’ve learned today back and share with everyone else, especially the sleeping bears?

David talks about his annus horribilis. His school was meant to move into a brand new building, not once, but twice. The second time they had to move everything back to the old building, and then Ofsted came in and put them in measures. This encouraged something of a siege mentality; to improve morale they had a charity event, but this got them negative press in the Daily Mail. But then something positive happened: David Laws invited them to come to London as one of the top 25 most improved schools in the country because, as a new school, their results had gone up from 0% the previous year. Clearly not actually finger on the pulse, Mr Laws.

David shares a Salvador Dali quote: when I paint, the sea roars; the rest splash about in the bath. As teachers, when we teach, the sea should roar for the pupils.

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