End of Year Reflection

In September I made some new year’s resolutions for school, and now seems like a good time to review my progress against them.

1. Less writing
I think this was a win. It didn’t look like I expected, but my pupils definitely wrote less this year. I know this because I had to give out less exercise books.

2. AGT Parent Communication Online

I did this. I set up a Google form and posted the link on my AGT parent blog. I had almost as many responses as when I invite parents in and give them the form, so that was positive, and it has allowed me to make the questionnaire available all year.
Unfortunately, updating the AGT blog was one of the things that fell off the to-do list this year so the impact has been limited, but it is definitely going to be worth continuing next year.

3. So some TeachMeets
Definitely a win! I organised a TeachMeet in Bristol in November and I have presented at four more. I have become a real convert to this method of CPD and see many more TeachMeets in my future. I also credit them with giving me the confidence to run my workshop at SHP last weekend: TeachMeets are a great way to practise presenting to other teachers and anybody can get up an do it.

4. 20% time
This hasn’t worked out quite as I had planned it. I haven’t felt at ease enough with my year 10 group to give them the freedom of a lesson a fortnight to do what they want; my year 11s wanted to stay focused on their exam topics, which is understandable (if a little saddening). However, my year 8 classes have been doing project work in term 6 on a topic of their choosing, which has been more successful this year than in previous years, so at least it is a partial win.

5. Share the Learning at School
This has not really happened. I share on Twitter (oh, and how I do share!) so the staff who follow me there benefit, but I haven’t really shared within school. My colleagues don’t really know about my blog. I still think Learning on the Loo is a great idea, but I still haven’t done it. This is one to take forward to next year. After loftily declaring the schools at the Emerging Techs conference last month weren’t sharing enough, I realise I am guilty also.

After attending four days of outstanding, inspirational conferences in the last week, I am absolutely buzzing with ideas for next year, so watch this space for new resolutions, coming soon.

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