TLT17: Plenary

Lisa Jane Ashes asks, why are we still here? She is a self-confessed geek, but spent a year away from school as a child because nobody could tell her the point of going. After spending her first year as an adult in school sitting in a cupboard and observing the same mistakes being made with children like her, she was inspired to try to solve them. 

Lisa encourages newbies to come to the front for an activity. They have to make a paper aeroplane and get it as far as possible up the hall. Thirty seconds of strategizing followed by 30 seconds of making and throwing. 

To these, Lisa would add comparison, which can stop you in your tracks and create fear. Haters do too. They stop us from putting stuff out that we want to put out, but the only way to avoid crticisim is to do nothing at all.

Your ideas don’t have to be massive, world-changing ideas. They can be little. But, take them forward and share them with others. Look at what’s going right and what’s going wrong, and do something about it. 

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