Georgians Revealed Exhibition

Now that I have just about finished teaching about the 18th century, with some spectacular assessment pieces from my clever year 8s about how the British Empire led to some of the significant changes in this period, I am reviewing my scheme of work and it is a good time to be reminded of the Georgians Revealed exhibition at the British Library on Euston Road. I mentioned this in my first blog post from the SHP day conference but unfortunately I had to rush off that day and didn’t have time for a good wander around (just as well, I would definitely have bought books and then had to lug them back to Bristol on the train).

I am happy to note that the exhibition is live all the way through to March 2014 so I am looking forward to going at some point between now and then, to help me fill in any gaps in my scheme of work and get some extra “nuggets” to make it even more appealing next time I teach it.

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