ICTWilts: Russell Prue

Russell is talking about better learning through broadcasting. His handouts can be downloaded from his website andertontiger.com/Russell or you can text him for a link


He talks about useful phones and how good Twitter is (laying it on thick about it being free) and how useful a moderated school Facebook group can be. Don’t be worried about people saying bad things – they say them anyway and you don’t insist on gaffer taping their mouths shut.

Russell has concerns about where ICT is going. Is technology becoming too techie for students? Then he shows a video clip of a toddler trying to interact with a magazine the way she does with an iPad. This is our next customer!

Russell set out to create the cheapest radio kit on the planet, because verbal communication is vital if students are going to learn to play the game they’re expected to play when they become adults. He talks about the positives of this and how it works in schools. He brings in the quote from Sugata Mitra: “children will learn to do what they want to learn to do” – he also makes sure we understand that he thinks independence, a self-organised learning environment, with staff refusing to answer any questions, is the very best way for children to learn. He also plugs @deputymitchell’s quadblogging as a way of ensuring student work has an audience. Radio ensures accountability and promotes living without a safety net/being accountable for one’s own safety, all valuable skills to use in the world. He also shares a positive quote from the British Dyslexic Association.

Russell has also created schoolradiocalendar.org which is a list of live broadcasts from schools all over the country. It’s very inspiring.

Russell finishes by recommending we check Innovate My School for reviews before we buy any other kit.

His summary? (Some of it, anyway)
1. Student ownership – no kit behind closed doors
2. Recognition of achievement
3. A good rewarding experience
4. Contemporary music
5. Fun!

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