SHP: Teachmeet

@johnmayo first, sharing a couple of helpful websites about teaching Irish history – Century Ireland from RTE and the Down Survey of Ireland on the Trinity College website, which shows land distribution in Ireland to help show colonisation, etc

@davestacey talking about making a wiki with students, using Google Drive. Key msg for me here was “trust them, they’ll surprise you” – agree, agree, agree.

Lesley Ann @la_mcdermott talks about using Socrative in lessons for quick knowledge tests and getting feedback.

Steve Seger from Euroclio talks about Historiana and invites ideas from us about how to improve the website.

@Ericha1806 talks about disguising learning with fun this year, especially in home learning. Monarchs’ tea party: research a monarch, then in the last week they have to come to class in role and do something like speed dating. Also play doh answers – create a 5 mark question in play doh.

@danlyndon talks about a project on WW1 with the Imperial War Museum, inspired by one key artefact. They produced a narrative in a silent movie, which they story boarded first. This was really powerful.

Don Cumming @jackdisco suggests asking students for feedback on what made the lessons better and what activities they enjoy – he shares their advice on post its with us.

@nickdennis talks about the apparent skills vs knowledge dichotomy. He talks about a project with his library staff on researching the Black Death. He created a fake website about the Black Death and asked students to critique both the knowledge and the layout.

Evernote saved my marriage! (I missed this lady’s name, sorry) she has been able to hoard all the interesting stuff she comes across without creating piles of messy paper.

Rich Kennett @kenradical talks about choosing a history hero and having your picture taken with it. Add a bit of writing to justify your choice. He got all his year 8 to do it, which created a bit of a contest to get the weirdest person. These were displayed in the history department and other faculties have got involved. Has created a lot of passion and debate, as well as a great display.

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