#TLAB13 – Quick Wins


Year 8 preparing for their assessment on the British Empire, based on Neal Watkin’s plan for improving standards in writing. Two of my students bravely filmed their conversation in The Cupboard Of Secret Learning and agreed to be watched by the rest. I couldn’t have been prouder of them.

Update – with their permission, here is their conversation:

Critique comes tomorrow…


This is always worth repeating.


This one’s from the Friday TeachMeet but then I saw it in action around the classrooms during TLAB13. I had conversations with all my students about it. One of my Y12s asked me if I thought Mussolini was polemical. They also helped me to add a phonetic pronunciation of it, which I had been struggling to get right.


Scattergories revision for my Y12s on Mussolini’s Italy, inspired by John Mitchell (@Jivespin). This game got the thumbs up. I actually had my Scattergories set in the car (don’t ask) but forgot to bring the dice to the classroom, so I opened a book and stuck my finger down on a letter at random. Worked just fine.

All this in just one day! I love conferences that have an immediate impact on my practice. Massive thanks to Nick Dennis for organising and to all the keynotes and workshop leaders for giving up their Saturday to make it so educational.

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