#SHP12 – Presentation link

So! SHP is over for another year. We managed to get #SHP12 trending on Twitter last night during Ian Dawson’s session which was quite exciting. In fact, the top three trends were education related last night: lots of teachers getting busy with training on a Saturday night – commendable!

I managed my goal of blogging all the sessions I attended, thanks to the WordPress app for Android which is extremely good (I wish Blogger had a comparable one), though I do notice that my speedy thumb typing has resulted in some absolutely heinous crimes against grammar and punctuation. I do know how to use an apostrophe and in fact I am a bit of a pedant about it, I promise; going back through to edit out mistakes and edit in pictures I took which have mysteriously disappeared will be my task of the coming week.

For those of you who attended my Bring Your Own Device session (and anybody else interested) you can access my slides here. Thank you for the positive feedback left on Wallwisher, and it was nice to see some faces from my workshop last year and hear from someone who’d used it in his classroom. I hope this year’s was equally helpful.

I expect I’ll be back with my to-do list for next year soon. It’s going to include SOLO, Mastery Learning, reading Ron Berger’s book, and Carole Dweck’s, and making my students practise good writing more*. And a load of other things I can’t remember.

* better writing than this sentence, obviously.

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