TM SHP Edition 1

I love a good Teachmeet!

We must have the biggest fringe session here. Lots of people and plenty of tweets on #TMSHP12

First up, Don Cumming recommending Rebel Girls by Jill Liddington and other texts which cover suffragettes in his local area. He then set up a wiki for students to add their own information about local suffragettes.

Now Emma Holness on active learning at ks5. Tying knots in pieces of string to show when rebellions happened – a stripped down timeline. Helped to understand the frequency of rebellions. Love this – so simple! Put playdough on maps to show size of rebellions.

Lesley Ann McDermott now on using PowerPoint to review learning. Different questions and sources on each slide which cycle through, pupil chooses when to stop. Also slides with all the exam questions on: weaker students do QA, stronger QC. Slide transition: set on auto, 000, and set loop til escape. Phenomenal resource! Want.

Martin Spafford next. Comiclife. Free downloadable version; allows students to make comic strips very quickly, improves literacy, gives the most able a tool to help them record. Helps them to make comparisons and the pictures help with retention. Setting a limit on the number of pictures allowed ramps up the challenge.

Luke Mayhew: his school’s centenary was yesterday and his students have done a project on its history. Found lots of stuff in school cupboards, including the record books. The local press got involved, which has led to stories coming in from old pupils. Interviews conducted at local retirement homes. Even managed to get a train named after the school!

End of part 1…

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