SHP Fifth Plenary

Ian Dawson with tabards on a Saturday night. Don’t anticipate this post being long as I hope to be donning a tabard!


Looking forward to the magician’s show, “when we cut the Ofsted inspector in half”.

“It might be history to some people. To us, it’s family, pet.” – Close the Coalhouse Door, Alan Plater, 1968.

Dale Banham encourages students to summarise a decade in 150 words. They research and interview. Compare with Kynaston.

We had a great time playing Saxons. I was the 5th century and got to wave a sword around. Lots of focus on the Battle of Edington which was nice because it happened by my school and we teach it! …as a poossible battle memorialised by the Westbury white horse.

I love these sessions! See Ian Dawson’s site: Thinking History

Also a big thank you to Mrs Ian Dawson, Pat, who gave me some good nerve-steadying advice yesterday.

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