GCSE Success Criteria – Wallwisher (now GoogleDoc)

In January I wrote about putting succes criteria together for my year 10 class, as I taught them the Crime & Punishment unit. I have created a Wallwisher which I am editing to include all the criteria I have used so far.

My learning objectives are split into Knowledge and Skill, and so I always have a success criteria relating to Knowledge, which is always the same and is as follows:

A grade:
I have detailed historical knowledge.
C grade:
I have accurate historical knowledge.
F grade:
I have basic historical knowledge

This is then accompanied by criteria related to the skill involved in the lesson, and might be related to cause/consequence or change/continuity.

I’ll add more as and when I write them.

Having had a week of problems trying to access Wallwisher I decided to put it all in a spreadsheet instead. You can access this GoogleDoc here.

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