Spanish Armada

Today was Spanish Armada day, in the pond.

The school pond was cleared out last week by the teacher whose classroom overlooks it, who got a bit tired of looking at traffic cones and broken chairs and roped some kids in to remove the weeds and litter and make it a bit of a beauty spot. So, I decided to get in there and litter it with some boats.

The kids made paper boats in their art lesson and I set fire to some of them to show the whole fire ship concept.
The kids tried to sink some with missiles to show the storms the Spanish had to sail through. I got a bit splashed in the face, but it was OK. I had brought a change of clothes, thankfully.

It was fun. I ended up with water in the waders and I was quite shocked to discover how deep the mud was; in fact I was pleased I had climbed into the pond to put the map down before the kids arrived because I nearly fell over, several times.

It didn’t work as I had imagined, but it was a lot of fun and I doubt they’ll ever forget it. I bought them flags to wave and let them draw little Spanish beards and big English moustaches on with markers, and they enjoyed the fire ships especially. And I got to wear my pirate hat and show off a lot!

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