New blog

I have long resisted the urge to begin a blog about my exploits at work. I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and questioned the wisdom of putting something new together: time is short.

However, this is a time for new initiatives, people! Following an Ofsted report which directd my school to focus more sharply on teaching and learning, as a staff we have formed learning communities to try and further our abilities and make our classrooms more effective places to learn. I joined the group on creativity. Some commented that I am creative already, but I still regard myself as fledgling to what I see when I go looking for new initiatives in the classroom.

As well as this, I was overjoyed to discover on Friday that I have won a coveted spot at the Google Teacher Academy London, which is being held in July. I carefully read the press release, which informed me that this incarnation of the GTA is focused on educational leaders. I’m really honoured to have been picked and feel there is something here which I need to live up to.

Hence, new blog. New ideas. What’s the worst that can happen?

The title, by the way, comes from something our new assistant head has mentioned. I saw it written on the head’s flipchart during a line management meeting and it really clicked with me. I used it as the title for my video entry to Google Teacher Academy, so it seemed like a good choice of blog name.

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